New year, new job, new me – Career Weekly vol. 17

No matter if you are looking for a new job in 2023, start your own project, or refresh your CV and wait for the best opportunity – this blog post is for you.

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1. In 2022 it was possible to earn a lot

What should the first edition of Career Weekly in 2023 contain? You will probably reply that a few words about earnings and potential career directions. Well, there you go! This morning the Vived app dropped me a link to with some very interesting reports on salaries in IT. By the way, do you also associate this address with the extremely popular website? Probably no coincidence here, as is a valuable addition to it – massive layoffs on the one hand and ever-increasing salaries on the other.

On the site, you will find tables with averaged salaries in IT last year. What’s more, the tables can be sorted by specific countries (and even cities), levels of seniority, and dozens of different roles – from engineer to product manager, salesperson or recruiter.

An analysis of the rates leads to some very interesting conclusions. Of course, you will immediately notice why the same countries are still considered an “outsourcers’ paradise” – The average annual salary of IT professionals in India’s Bangeluru is almost five times lower than in Tel-Aviv. On the other hand, I was surprised by Germany’s relatively low figure compared to Europe. Berlin, Munich and Stuttgart ranked outside the TOP5 European centres – this probably also has a bearing on the fact that Germany has a shortage of 137k IT professionals. Higher in the salary ranking are, for example, Cambridge, Luxembourg and Amsterdam. The top spot remains the same – nowhere pays as much as in the USA. The average annual salary in San Francisco is almost USD 50k higher than in Zurich.

Interestingly,’s data also allows you to view salary ranges by company, so if you know which country you like best but are hesitant to choose an organisation, be sure to check out the details.

A text that appeared on TheNextWeb just before the end of the year may also provide additional guidance. In it, you will find predictions for the most stable IT segments in 2023. There are many indications that you will find the hottest jobs in fintech, cybersecurity, blockchain, but also AI (wow, what a surprise) or AR/VR. You’re welcome. Especially as you can’t be sure of anything after 2022.


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2. Create your CV (even) simpler

What’s the most annoying thing about creating a CV (apart from the very fact that you have to create one)? I think the gaping paragraphs and other graphical elements that often take far longer to arrange than gathering data or even summarising your skills.

Fortunately, I have come across a tool that will make creating a CV much easier. Meet Reactive Resume – a free and open-source creator where you can create a new CV in a few minutes. No more playing around in Word, Photoshop or another Canva. Just take 15 seconds to set up an account and we can create our resume from scratch or import data from LinkedIn.

In the wizard, we have a choice of several basic templates, the elements of which can be arranged in any order and customised in terms of colours or fonts used. Classic WYSIWYG, but complemented by the ability to style elements via CSS. The whole tool is clear, easy to work with, and very convenient. Finally – the best part! You can publish your CV under a personalised link, ensuring the simplicity of sharing the CV with recruiters and the option to keep it up-to-date. Of course, you can also export it to PDF or download a JSON file with the components of our CV.

The fun of creating a CV is so good that it can take you a while. As long as it doesn’t take more than constantly fixing your CV layout in other tools. If you have a designer in you – I recommend caution.

PS. Nobody paid us to place this tool in Career Weekly. Which is a shame. PS 2. I’ll be taking on AI tools for CV creation next week, so stay tuned! We’ll see what it’s all worth….


Discover more IT content selected for you
In Vived, you will find articles handpicked by devs. Download the app and read the good stuff!

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3. How about abandoning that all and launching a startup?

A new year is always associated with ambitious plans and new ideas. Just take a peek at Twitter, where we are assailed from every angle by visionary posts. Or surveys, such as the one on GitHub, which shows that a large proportion of developers dream of having their own project and even more dream of changing jobs:

If you are among the 23.4 per cent surveyed by GitHub, be warned, or at least read this thread on Hackernews. It was started by a man who tried his luck as a startup founder three times.

The thread is GIGANTIC (971 comments is impressive), full of interesting opinions and diverse perspectives. Probably due to the tone of the first post, in which the author openly admits that he no longer has the strength and patience to create more startups:

I tried everything – building an audience, making sure my product actually solved a problem, getting paying customers, and writing high-quality content and contributing to the community. But no matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to get anywhere. My efforts were fruitless and I’m tired of trying.

Except… it wasn’t the failures that took away his faith. It was done by influencers (including those on Twitter) who massively peddle success propaganda and convince that success in the app market is within everyone’s reach. All it takes is determination and a bit of luck. Well, a reading of almost 1000 comments convinces you that you need more than just these two factors to succeed. Especially since these comments range from the creators of small startups, owners of huge companies, and people who have never tried to open their own project.

Therefore, if you have decided to act on your own in 2023 and launch a new application or tool – we are keeping our fingers firmly crossed for you and, at the same time, together with the author of the thread on Hackernews, we appeal:

Don’t let your dreams consume you like they did for me, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PROTECT YOUR MENTAL HEALTH AT ALL COST.

All the best (professionally and personally) in the New Year! 🎉